The Richard Diercks Company, Inc. Named
First HD DVD Beta Site by Sonic Solutions

Minneapolis, MN – Long-time DVD pioneer The Richard Diercks Company, Inc. (RADCO) has been named an HD DVD and Blu-ray beta site for Sonic Solutions, Inc. new HD on DVD development program. RADCO is the third site worldwide and the first U.S. site.

“Extending our strong relationship with Sonic Solutions in the HD optical media allows us to maintain and even extend our leadership in DVD development over the next several years,” said RADCO president Richard Diercks. “We know that Sonic Solutions will be in the forefront of all DVD development on the HD side,” he added.

The two companies have a long history together in DVD. RADCO was in the first wave of DVD development and a Sonic Solutions DVD beta site in 1996. RADCO has created over 2,000 DVD titles since, including the world’s first DVD-18. Sonic Solutions is the recognized world leader in the development of DVD encoding and authoring tools.

Many people today have already experienced HD through both cable and broadcast television. In fact, millions of U.S. households already have HD or HD-compliant TV and plasma screen. Most of the focus on HD DVD naturally has been on picture and image quality. The real impact of HD DVD, however, may be in the authoring or programming of the video content, according to RADCO.

“RADCO has been in film and video production for 20 years and in the national forefront of DVD development for over seven years, so HD production is the logical next technology and creative step,” said Richard Diercks, president of RADCO. “Most people in our company came from a film background, and we’ve maintained film production even as we produced mostly in video for our clients,” he added.

While HD distribution is limited at the present time, RADCO feels that HD is becoming essential as an acquisition medium. The company added full HD post production capability last year as part of an overall strategy to be full HD-involved and experienced by the time HD DVD and Blu-ray become a reality in fourth quarter 2005.

RADCO is already developing several HD projects. It recently completed production and authoring on its latest plasma art program, Naked Fish, has just been released worldwide by Sony Pictures’ Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment division. Though released on standard DVD, the program was produced in HD.

Over the past 12 months and in association with Sonic Solutions, RADCO created an HD demo program built around one of the three HD DVD and Blu-ray video standards (VC-1) for use at the 2004 National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention.

“We believe that HD will lift the creative and production level of video to a standard not seen since the days of 35mm film as the only motion picture format, said Willie Powe, RADCO’s DVD Development Manger.

The company invites all current clients and potential clients to explore the effect that HD production and acquisition can have of their communication and image. “We’re here to help our clients make the most informed decisions creatively, technologically and fiscally possible. If we know the answer, we’ll share it; if not we’ll find the answer,” Diercks concluded.

For more information contact: Richard Diercks, president; The Richard Diercks Company, Inc. (RADCO), 3340 Republic Avenue, Minneapolis, MN, 55426; voice: (952) 920-2000; FAX (952) 920-8586; email: Website: