Date: May 1, 2006
Contact: Richard Diercks
Phone: (952) 920-2000 ext. 10

The Richard Diercks Company, Inc. Joins the
High Definition Authoring Alliance (HDAA),
Creates HD-DVD Movie and Special Interest Titles

Minneapolis, MN – Long-time DVD pioneer The Richard Diercks Company, Inc. (RADCO) has joined the High Definition Authoring Alliance (HDAA) sponsored by Sonic Solutions, Inc., the world leader in digital media software.

RADCO’s membership gives it immediate access to Sonic’s pioneering tools for high-definition video and audio encoding, and comprehensive HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc (BD) authoring systems. These tools now include HD advanced interactivity under iHD and BD-J.

RADCO and Sonic have a long history together in DVD. RADCO was in the first wave of DVD development and a Sonic Solutions DVD beta site in 1996. Since then the company has created over 2,500 DVD titles, including the world’s first DVD-18. “Extending our strong relationship with Sonic Solutions in HD optical media allows us to maintain and enhance our leadership in DVD authoring and content development over the next several years,” said RADCO president Richard Diercks.

Many people today have already experienced HD through both cable and broadcast television. In fact, millions of U.S. households already have HD or HD-compliant TV, LCD and plasma screens. Most of the focus on HD DVD naturally has been on picture and image quality. The real impact of HD DVD, however, may be in the authoring or programming of the video content, according to RADCO.

HD DVD and BD formats both make strong use HTML and Java Script-like interactive programming within the authoring structure itself. In addition, all HD DVD and BD players will be Internet enabled for direct access from the player to the Internet.

“We feel that our extensive experience in interactive content development, and web site design and creation will allow RADCO to take full advantage of the most advanced and interactive features that HD DVD and BD are capable of,” Diercks added.

RADCO feels that HD is rapidly becoming the essential acquisition medium. The company added full HD post production capability two years ago as part of an overall strategy to be fully HD-involved and experienced by the time HD DVD and Blu-ray become the reality they are today.

The company is already developing several HD projects of its own including completely new HD versions of the company’s very successful plasma art Aquaria and Fireplace programs. In addition, RADCO has entered into development and authoring agreements with BCI Eclipse, a Navarre Corporation company, and DVD International LLC.

The company invites all current clients and potential clients to explore the affect that HD production and acquisition can have of their communication and image. The features available on HD DVD and BD for customer relationship building, training, e-commerce and product placement are astounding. “We’re here to help our clients make the most informed decisions creatively, technologically and fiscally when it comes to HDVD. If we know the answer, we’ll share it; if not we’ll find it,” Diercks concluded.

For more information contact: Richard Diercks, president; The Richard Diercks Company, Inc. (RADCO), 3340 Republic Avenue, Minneapolis, MN, 55426; voice: (952) 920-2000; FAX (952) 920-8586; email: Website:

About The High Definition Authoring Alliance
The HDAA is a Sonic-sponsored association of top authoring houses worldwide. The HDAA is dedicated to accelerating the development of the authoring skills, capacity, and technological infrastructure required to support rapid adoption of HD DVD and BD high definition optical disc formats. HDAA activities, including training and seminars, are focused in three geographical centers: Burbank, California for the Americas, London, England for Europe, and Tokyo, Japan for Asia. Some of the group’s current members include:

• 1K Studios, LLC – Burbank, CA USA
• Ambient Digital – Santa Monica, CA USA
• Ascent Media – Burbank, CA USA
• Audio Intervisual Design – Los Angeles, CA USA
• B1 Media, Inc. – Studio City, CA USA
• Cinram International, Inc. Olyphant, PA U.S.A.
• Click Active Media, Inc. – Santa Monica, CA USA
• Comchoice Corporation – El Segundo, CA USA
• Daikin Industries, Ltd. – Tokyo, Japan
• Deluxe Digital Studios, Inc. – Burbank, CA USA
• The Richard Diercks Company, Inc., Minneapolis, MN USA
• DGP, Ltd – London, England
• DMP - Digital Media Production – Prague, Czech Republic
• Egmont Nordisk Film – Valby, Denmark
• Elektrofilm – Los Angeles, CA USA
• Enteractive Entertainment, GmbH – Hamburg, Germany
• Imagica Co. – Tokyo, Japan
• International Digital Management (IDM) – Oxford, England
• JP Corp. – Tokyo, Japan
• microSTREAM Pty Ltd. – Sydney, Australia
• Motionlink Pty Ltd. – Sydney, Australia
• MX Entertainment – San Francisco, CA USA
• Sonopress, GmbH – Gütersloh, Germany
• TBS Service, Inc. – Tokyo, Japan
• Technicolor Creative Services – Burbank, CA USA
• Video Tech Co, Ltd. – Tokyo, Japan

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