Updated: April 24, 2007



Think of it. DVD gives business communicators, ad agencies, producers, distributors, post facilities, educators and other marketers everything they've ever wanted... high quality picture, full rich sound, incredible capacity, multifaceted interactivity and an inexpensive, wide spread delivery system that plays on DVD players and computers in homes and offices around the world. 

Target used DVD to library hundreds

of TV commercials with an instant

menu access to all titles.


Now think on this.  The Richard Diercks Company, Inc. (RADCO) is one of the most experienced DVD development and authoring company in the world. Anyone can claim to be a DVD expert. However, only RADCO has produced over 1500 titles. Our work includes not only Movies, but also Special Interest titles and the fastest growing segment of the DVD market, Corporate  Communications. It's the experience that comes from developing this depth and variety of product that makes us the industry leader.

"Godzilla" featured 5 titles with

re-designed and remixed sound 

tracks, plus a trivia game, screen 

savers, a poster and web links.


Think of us as Pioneers. To meet the ever changing and constantly expanding needs of our customers, RADCO has helped lead the way in the development and implementation of many new DVD features commonly used today, including: 

DVD-Hybrid, DVD-ROM, Web Links, Screen Savers, DVD-9, DVD-18, Motion Picons, Hot Keys, programming control, Web interface, 3D motion menu graphics, DVD Games/Trivia, and Score Keeping utilizing Advanced GPRM commands.

"Aquaria" was the first DVD-18

released into the market.


Keep thinking. In the past seven years, RADCO has worked with corporations, ad agencies, distributors, producers, post facilities, educators, museums and other marketers in a wide range of DVD projects. Along the way, we've utilized every capability yet devised for DVD authoring, including: 

Content-specific Compression, Multi-angle, Multi-language, Multi-track, Subtitles, Closed Caption, Parental Management, Rapid Scene Access, 16:9 Widescreen, Pan and Scan, Letterbox, Dolby Digital Surround Sound, 5.1, Pro Logic, DTS and many, many more.  


"Gate to the Mind's Eye"

showcased our ability to handle

the difficult task of encoding

3-D animation.


In fact, RADCO authored the popular DVD title "Ultimate DVD Demo" which demonstrates every DVD video feature available to date.

More food for thought. Yes, RADCO has the capacity to meet high volume authoring demand and fast turnaround. We encode with two complete, full-featured systems and author on three dual-platformed  stations, using both Sonic Solutions Producer and Diakin Scenarist. Our sister company, Digital Light, Inc., provides highly sophisticated and total graphics capability.  

Thinking of you. While RADCO utilizes the latest technology, we like to think of ourselves as more than a mere facility. Our most valuable expertise lies between our ears. We offer our clients complete "turn key" service from concept, to creation, to production. So, whether you require a simple re-purposing of an existing program, partnering for additional capacity and capability or the complete creation of a new product, we have the experience and expertise to help. 

A Few of Our Clients.                                             



Laerdal Medical





Snowbird Resort



DVD International

Lichtung Museum



Omega Pictures

Ellerbee Becket


Columbia TriStar

Yerba Buena Museum

Equip, Inc.


Sea World

Advanced Interactive

LSI Logic




Hen's Tooth Video


Hannover House

Navarre Corporation

Brentwood Video

Skyline Displays

MN Dept. of Agriculture

Hubbard Broadcasting

Whether you're just entering the DVD market, want to step up to more advanced DVD features or just have some questions, please contact us We'll share our experience, give you accurate meaningful information and estimates, and provide a list of references and satisfied customers.

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