DVD and the World Wide Web

create a beautiful

and powerful partnership.


As DVD continues to evolve, its compatibility with the Internet is becoming astounding and flexible.


By linking the Internet to DVD, DVD provides almost unlimited bandwidth to any website. All the video, audio and graphics are very high quality. They reside on the DVD disc. All the dynamic data and information is on the website. The website can be "plain" and very fast, and still look great. All the graphics and other things the slow the Internet to a crawl are on the disc. The user doesn't care where things come from as long as they look good and are fast.


For several years we have been adding direct Web links to many of our DVD-ROM and DVD-Hybrid discs. This allows consumers, customers and end-users to connect directly to a website with one click of the mouse.


For consumers it connects them to the next step in a search for more information or products. For business customers, it's a direct pipeline to purchasing.


While the disc is fixed, the web site can change from hour to hour. That's why we create a single Web address and perform all interactivity downstream from the portal.


What you're really doing is building bridges to consumers and customers. For example, in addition to placing the entire catalog on DVD, a retailer or direct marketer can fill the disc with useful tips and information. Often this material already exists or is available from vendors. Some of the most sophisticated catalog marketers have discovered that the information inherent in or added to a catalog is what gets the consumer looking at the catalog in the first place.


With a DVD catalog, the consumer can browse products, learn techniques and get answers, even use a built-in search feature. A single click to the Web allows painless ordering to your already existing website. You are not re-inventing the wheel; you are making your wheel more valuable.


We can even keep the consumer up-to-date. The website knows which "issue" of the disc is being used and can prompt the customer to request a new one.


Businesses can provide customers better service at lower cost. The DVD disc contains all the trouble-shooting, parts diagrams and video a client needs to solve or diagnose the problem, and determine the parts or products needed and with one click order what's needed. The customer can get more of what he or she needs without tying up personnel.


In this model, the DVD disc is filled with all the high bandwidth (high quality) material that does not change dramatically or quickly. The website has the fast changing, dynamic information such as prices, inventory and availability.


The DVD/Web connection gives you the best of all worlds today. And, it works for anyone with a DVD enabled computer no matter what kind of Internet connection they have.


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