The Richard Diercks Company, Inc.
Production and DVD Projects by Industry
Brentwood Communications DVD/video distribution Feature films
DVD International DVD/video distribution Feature films
Hannover House DVD/video distribution Feature films
Unapix International DVD/video distribution Feature films
Simitar Entertainment, Inc.  DVD/video distribution Feature films
Countertop Video, Inc. DVD/video distribution Feature films
Ideal Enterprises DVD/video distribution Feature films
Quality Video, Inc.               Home video distribution     Feature films /POS
Telstar Video DVD/video distribution Feature films
Mntx Entertainment, Inc.     Home video distribution Feature films
JCI, Inc.                               Home video distribution     Feature films /POS
Media Home Ent., Inc.         Home video distribution    Feature films /POS
Hen's Tooth Video DVD/video distribution Feature films
Omega Entertainment DVD/video distribution Feature films
Miramar Entertainment DVD/video distribution Feature films
Pearson Television DVD/video distribution Feature films
Sea World Theme Park DVD Theater
Entertech Home Entertainment DVD/video distribution Feature films
Medtronic, Inc. Medical Devices Sales and Training DVD
Advanced Interactive (AIS) Police Training Interactive Scenarios DVD
SUN Microsystems Internet services Cannes Film Festival DVD
IBM                                     Personal computers         New product introduction
CNS, Inc.                            OR medical device           New product introduction
Honeywell, Inc.                   R&D/weapons                  Sales training DVD
EDS                                    Computer software           NADA convention
3M Optical Products Corporate Meeting DVD
Thomson Consumer electronics DVD player intro
Laerdal Medical Medical training CPR
Pioneer Consumer electronics HD Plasma screen DVD
Reebok Athletic shoes Mall consumer DVD
Target Stores                      Mass merchant                 Spot TV Archive DVD
Cub Foods                          Discount food                    Spot TV
Shopko                               Mass merchant                  Sales training
Dayton Hudson                   Department store               Sales training/Spot TV
Prange's                              Department store               Spot TV/training
Blue Green Air Time share DVD multi-screen theater
Snowbird Resort Ski resort Corporate sales DVD
Old Town Canoe Co.          Canoes, kayaks Consumer POS
Johnson Fishing Co.           Rods, reels Spot TV/dealer sales
Minnkota Motors                 Electric trolling motors Sales training/Spot TV
Camptrails Packs                Back packs Consumer POS
Eureka! Tents                     Tents Product dealer training
Silva                                    Compasses Product training
Ellerbee-Becket Architects Multi-national service DVD
Science Museum - MN Museum Multi-screen theater DVD
HOK                                     Architect, engineering        Computer simulation
Yerba Buena Museum Museum Art film DVD
Meredith Corp.                     Publishing                          Trade show kiosk
Univ. of Minnesota               Higher education              Fund raising/video wall
American Linen Co.             Industrial uniform cleaning Employee training
Northwest Airlines                Commercial air travel         Safety training
Firearms Training Sys.         Law enforcement training  Lethal force scenarios
American Business Video    Video based training          27 title business series
Airline Network, Inc.              Cablecasting                      Program/sales
Quality Video, Inc.              CD-ROM 24 consumer titles
Injoy, Inc. Pastor service Year of sermons DVD
Cinetronic Systems             Lethal force simulation Judgmental scenarios
Simitar Specialty Prod.        Computer software Design/programming
Equip, Inc. Religious Leadership training
Pillsbury                              Flour/various Spot TV/training
General Mills                      Cereal/various Retail training
ConAgra                             Fresh chickens Consumer prep/cooking
Skyline Chili                       Canned chili Spot TV
 Land O' Lakes                   Butter/turkey Member communication 
Personal Care
Minnetonka, Inc.                  Softsoap Consumer POS
Bogart Group, SA                Cosmetics Consumer education
FMG                                     Foltene men's hair care Retailer sales training
Claire Burke                         Cache Retail POS/training
Methode Jeanne Piaubert   Skin care/cosmetics Franchise sales
Gung Ho                              Chinese fast food Spot TV/training
Airline Network                     TV syndication Product/financial
First Bank System                Commercial banking          Spot TV/skills training
Norwest Bancorporation       Commercial banking Spot TV/ product training
Minnesota Bankers Assoc.   Personal banking Consumer/member
St. Paul Cos., Inc.                 Insurance New product intro
Skyline Displays Tradeshow booths Product/Sales training DVD
Tennant Company               Industrial floor cleaning Sales training
Porus Media, Corp               Filters Product training
Tonka Equipment                 Water filtration systems Conflict resolution
Armstrong, Inc.                     Floor covering                   Product training
Caswell International            Shooting ranges Product demo/sales
Presto Industries                   Weapons systems Lobbying
Swiss Watchmaker's             Watches, clocks Retail product training
Redwing Shoes                     Work shoes Retail POS/Spot TV
Federal Cartridge                   Munitions Dealer/product training
Lego/DUPLO                        Building toys Imaginative play
Animal Fair                           Plush toys Trade POS/spot TV
Creative Teaching Press      Pre-school learning Basic teaching
Republic of Marshall Is. Teaching training PM/DVD
MN Department of Agriculture International marketing Production/DVD
U.S. Dept. of Justice Waco investigation DVD support
West Midlands (UK) PD Armed law enforcement Lethal force training
US Marine Corps                Embassy security Force training
Orange County Marshal      Courtroom security Crowd control training
Colorado Highway Patrol     Law enforcemen Lethal force training
Dept. of Defense                 Strategic Defense Initiative Technical background
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