Get more bang for your buck

and your client's buck!


Let us help your agency take advantage of DVD's incredible capability. The following "bangs" are why DVD is rapidly emerging as the preferred choice for video-based communications.


Bang 1  -  Incredible Versatility.

DVD works for your agency and your clients in a number of very useful ways. For instance, your agency can store 150 easily accessible commercials on one archival disc. No more searching through endless minutes of videotape to find what you're looking for. With a DVD disc, one click instantly takes you there. You can even save a score of presentations on one disc.


For you clients, DVD offers the ability to create things like a multi-purpose tradeshow program, a video-based dealer sales presentation or an in-store POP demonstration...all with features and interactivity only available on DVD. And with the advent of Web-DVD, a disc can be controlled from your clients website to ad even more content and interactivity...a great application for corporate training and educational material.


Think of it. Whole ad campaigns, including printed materials, TV ads and radio spots could exist on one interactive, multi-tasked DVD disc. It doesn't get any easier or more convenient than that.


Bang 2  -  Improved Quality.

With DVD, commercials, sales videos and training seminars and other presentations shot on film and video will retain their original quality. Nothing is more discouraging than spending thousands of dollars on a commercial or other program making sure the lighting and color and sound are just right, then previewing it to your client on an VHS tape with poor resolution. In addition, DVD's audio surpasses CD quality and includes the impressive benefit of Dolby Digital Surround Sound.


Bang 3  -  Space Galore.

With two hours of storage, DVD offers plenty of space to handle large amounts of video and audio. The days of choppy CD-ROM video are over. DVD's will play your clients long programs in real time speed, with top-notch quality, at the click of a button.


Bang 4  -  Greater Interactivity.

Give your clients more than ask they ask for. DVD allows all the interactive capability of CD-ROM, such as clickable menus, printable items, and screensavers. However, DVD also provides more storage capacity, better imaging, improved sound quality, multi-tasking capability, added navigation flexibility and the huge potential offered by direct web access and hyperlinks.


Bang 5  -  Complete Integration.

We'll work with your creative team and your clients to fully co-ordinate and implement the process of going from the idea stage to completed DVD brilliance. Take advantage of what we've learned. With over 300 titles to our credit, in the world of DVD, we've truly been there done that.


If we can answer any questions or assist you in planning a DVD project, please contact us. We can give you the information you need to make your first or next DVD project smooth, efficient and outstanding.


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