We help distributors and

labels achieve a high quality,

cost-effective critical mass

entry into DVD.


Since 1996 The Richard Diercks Company, Inc. (RADCO) has assisted distributors and labels to create critical masses of DVD titles for successful launches into the DVD market. For some we produced enough titles upfront for an entire DVD catalog. For most we provided a dependable stream of titles to sustain the market after launch.


We've authored over 300 feature film and special interest DVD titles. We have worked with virtually every DVD replicator in the U.S. and many overseas.


RADCO has the capacity to meet high volume authoring demands without sacrificing quality. We have two complete, full-featured encoding systems and three dual-platformed authoring stations using both Sonic Solutions Producer and Diakin Scenarist. Our sister company, Digital Light, Inc., provides total graphics and animation solutions for any DVD title.


We have created DVD titles featuring multi-angle, eight language tracks with matching menus, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, motion menus and motion icons, multiple sub-title languages and every other DVD feature there is. We've created games and tests as added value DVD-Video features. We are licensed for CSS encryption, Macrovision, Dolby Digital and DTS.


Many of our titles are DVD-Hybrid. They not only play on DVD-ROM drives, but also contain a host of features specifically for DVD-ROM viewers. There are screen savers, content specific calendars, searchable and downloadable pictures and text. We pioneered in inclusion of one click Web links to any website on the Internet, plus access to the internet affinity portal, followthru.com.


While high quality image and sound is the primary concern in DVD authoring, cost and turnaround are an important second.


Our capacity allows fast turnarounds, and our experience makes sure it's right the first time. We emulate every title and can write full DVD-5 discs for review even before check discs.


DVD player penetration is growing at over 350,000 units per month with an installed base of over 6-million units. With software/hardware ratio of 25 to one, DVD continues as the rising star in consumer electronics and entertainment.


Whether you're just entering the DVD market, want to step up or need a second source please contact us. We'll share our experience, give you accurate and meaningful cost estimates, and provide a list of references and customers.



Contact:  Richard Diercks or Willie Powe - The Richard Diercks Company, Inc
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