Learn how DVD adds

interactive value to your

video-based materials.



Lesson 1  -  Interactivity

DVD adds new dimension to your video-based learning materials. Besides the superior picture quality, improved sound ability, increased storage capacity you expect, DVD also offers the added benefit of multi-tasked, interactivity. So, students not only watch the material, they interact with it, which greatly increases the learning curve. On one interactive DVD you can store the entire video, plus any desired text, graphics or animation. With the click-of-a-button students can instantly access any chapter within the video, print out artwork and test sheets, link to the Internet for additional information or even link to your own website and make the DVD just part of a total learning experience. Best of all, each person can move through a program at their own speed, depending on their level of content expertise.


Lesson 2  -  DVD Web
With the advent of DVD/Web, trainers and educators can now use an Internet site to control a DVD disc. By linking the Internet to DVD, you add almost unlimited bandwidth to any website. All the video, audio and graphics are very high quality. They reside on the DVD disc. All the dynamic data and information is on the website. The website can be "plain" and very fast, and still look great. All the graphics and other things that slow the Internet to a crawl are on the disc. And while the disc is fixed, the website can change and update from hour to hour. A DVD disc linked to a website would also provide a quick and easy way to evaluate an individuals progress or offer instant certification.


Lesson 3  -  Instant Expertise
Even if you have no prior DVD experience, we offer you instant expertise. With over 300 titles to our name, we've seen it all. Along the way we've even pioneered numerous DVD features commonly used today, like Hot Keys, Motion Picons, Screen Savers and Web Links. We pride ourselves in designing features into DVD's that add real, tangible value to the material. We offer our clients complete "turn key" service from concept, to creation, to production. So, you can rest assured your first DVD will be every bit as good as our last.


Lesson 4  -  Production Capacity
At The Richard Diercks Company, Inc., you'll find three complete, absolute top-of-the-line DVD encoding and authoring stations. That's enough capacity to get any job done. And with our sister company, Digital Light, Inc., supplying high-end 3-D animation and graphics, everything gets done under one roof.


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