Welcome to producer heaven.


Cloud 1  -  Capability and Capacity

At The Richard Diercks Company, Inc. you'll discover all the toys and capacity needed to produce a dynamic product. We feature three complete, top-of-the-line DVD encoding and authoring stations using both Sonic Solution Producer and Diakin Scenarist. That's enough capacity to handle even the largest job. In addition, our sister company, Digital Light Inc., provides high-end graphics and animation capability. Everything you need is under one roof, fully integrated and ready to go.


Cloud 2  -  Instant Expertise

Even if you have no prior DVD experience, we offer you instant expertise. With over 300 titles to our name, we've seen it all. Along the way we've even pioneered numerous DVD features commonly used today. So, you can rest assured your first DVD will be as good as our last.


Cloud 3  -  Added Value.

One of the most important benefits DVD offers you as a producer, is the ability to add value to your properties. Chaptering, screen savers, trivia games, printable artwork, interactive picon menus, hot keys and web linking are just a few of the options DVD offers. It's our job to help find the options that work best for your material. So, whether your simply re-purposing an existing program or creating a new program from scratch, we will help you make it "be all it can be" and achieve its fullest potential.


Cloud 4  -  Partnership Opportunity

We're always willing to entertain partnering possibilities. It's often a win-win situation for both parties. For the producer, partnering helps reduce the out of pocket financial risk and increase the incentive for extraordinary creative effort. For us, it provides on-going participation in a program we helped develop. In addition, we also have the contacts and resources necessary for distribution and marketing.

If we can answer any questions or assist you in planning a DVD project, please contact us. We can give you the information you need to make your first or next DVD project smooth, efficient and outstanding.



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